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Strip 2

The Tequila Promise

A Mystery Thriller
Ethan Pickett's battered pickup truck is found in the valley of the Bluewater Ski Club, a four hundred foot drop, his broken and bloodied body trapped inside. When Charlie Beach hears the news, he's devastated. As a private investigator, he's had experience with death, but not with the death of someone as close to him as Ethan Pickett.
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A Mystery Thriller
It has been ten years since Ashley Burnett's murder shocked the residents of Bluewater County. She was set to graduate high school, a star centre for her high school girls' hockey team, the Sacred Heart Beavers. No matter what he had to do, no matter how ugly it got—and it looked like it was going to get ugly—Charlie was going to find Ashley's killer and give her mother the justice she deserved.



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After almost sixty-three years I still consider myself to be a Hamiltonian, having been born at Hamilton General, and living in Ancaster for the first eight years of my life. Go Tiger Cats!

My father was a Chartered Account, my mother a stay at home mom. In 1963, with my father taking a civil servant job with the federal government, we all packed up and moved to the west end of Ottawa...

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